Mar 23, 2013

Kalpeni Mohiyuddeen Mosque

There are many mysteries behind the origin of our universe and our existence. Origin of Lakshadweep has also had many assets to add in the account of world mysteries. A very beautiful historic mosque with seven ponds is situated at one of the ends of the Kalpeni very near to the beach. The island folks believe that it is made by some ‘jinnh’, a supernatural being. The mystery of the story is like this, long ago, the people of Kalpeni wished to build a mosque in the name of Mohiyuddeen Thangal. People decided a place and made arrangements in a site to start the construction of the mosque. But on the next day when they came to start the construction, they were amazed to find a new and beautiful mosque constructed far away to the decided place, that too within a single night. Near to the mosque seven ponds were also dig by the ‘jinnh’. Though the seven ponds are situated very near to the seashore the water in the ponds are pure and not saline at all. It is a great wonder for the native people as well as the outsiders. Until now the holy mosque and the seven ponds are considered as sacred by the people. Almost in the entire island such stories, regarding the construction of ancient mosques chiefly by the ‘jinnhs’, are common.

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