Mar 23, 2013

Our Gold Rush

Did anybody heard of The Alaska Gold Rush or The Klondike Gold Rush? We too have such a gold rush in our credit. Long before in my Island such a gold rush was happened. That is all the people of my Island went to get gold to the horizon in their boats.
It is said that, long before, people of Androth had the notion that the sun is a round piece of gold. So everybody wish to own the huge gold piece. One day they all started to move towards the horizon, where the sun sets, with their boats, to grab it prior to any other, but as they move towards, the horizon also moves afar and as a result they all are failed to obtain the piece of gold (sun)! They continued it for many days but it was beyond the reach and went futile.
This story is mainly recounted by the islanders to ridicule the greed and blunder of the people of Androth (my Island). But it also shows the spirit and courage of the ancient people of Androth. It emphasizes the quest of the people to explore the unexplored arenas and to attain the unattained places. It also proved that "folklore also reveals man’s attempts to escape in fantasy from the conditions of his geographical environment and from his own biological limitations."

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