Mar 23, 2013

Kavaratti Hujra Mosque

Kavaratti Hujra Mosque is one of the very attractive mosques which is situated on top of a hill with all its beauty and tranquility which encompass all the genius of early craftsmanship of Lakshadweep folk. There are many tales connected to the Mosque can be found from the legend of Sheik Quasim Valiyulla. He introduced 'ratheeb', a religious ritual famous in the islands, in the Lakshadweep Islands. There is a tale behind its mastery creation of the Mosque. It is believed that the Hujra mosque is build by the demand of Sheik Quasim Valiyulla for prayer. He said one of the local carpenters to make the crafts work of the mosque by observing a leaf of a plant, in which he conjures the sketch of the work that need to be done each day. It is also assumed by the folk that, after the completion of carving works at mosque, the carpenter thought of making the same carving at his house, but a piece of wood hit his eyes on his last day of the work at mosque and he lost his eyesight. Still the Mosque is situated with all its beauty. The Mosque premises always made me a very special kind of feeling that is beyond all the words and you all must experience that, I recommend.

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